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  • Fenland Waterways River Nene to River Great Ouse via Middle Level link route and alternatives This guide to the Middle Level waterways that lie between the River Great Ouse and River Nene, including the main link route via March and several other alternatives, gives all the information needed for anyone planning to navigate the area.

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  • The Cruising Almanac 2021 Compiled by a team of Cruising Association regional editors and Imray, the Cruising Almanac is an annual publication first published over 100 years ago and long regarded as the perfect on board companion for cruising yachts. Each year, a well-known cruising sailor writes the Preface, and this year’s is by Tom Cunliffe.

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  • Édition 1, 2016. Cook’s Country is a wholly original guide to the uniquely scenic and historic coasts of North Yorkshire and Northumberland.

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  • Édition 4, 2015. Since its launch East Coast Pilot has become the most popular pilot book for the creeks, harbours and rivers between Great Yarmouth and Ramsgate, providing clear and concise sailing directions for visitors and regular East Coast cruising yachtsmen alike.

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  • new edition May 2020 CCC Sailing Directions Orkney and Shetland Islands. Including North and Northeast Scotland. 2nd edition 2020. This is a completely new volume for the Orkney and Shetland Islands and includes Fair Isle. It also covers the ‘jumping off' harbours on south side of the Pentland Firth and the mainland coast of Scotland between Inverness and...

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  • NOUVELLE EDITION A VENIR MARS 2022 Édition 4, 2012. Covering the North Sea and Baltic coasts of Germany and Denmark, this guide is a companion to Brian Navin’s North Sea Passage Pilot and Cruising Guide to the Netherlands.

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  • Édition 6, 2011. Henry Irving's long established guide to the nooks and crannies of this fascinating corner of the North Sea is now in its 6th edition and is published in full colour.

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  • Édition 2013.  Mer du Nord : Frontière franco-belge à Scheveningen et côtes Sud-Est de l'Angleterre de North Foreland à Southwold.

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